About Us

Hey Friends! I am so glad you stopped in to learn more about me!

My name is Amy Trusler and I am the one in charge around here. I live in Laveen, AZ where I opened my in home clothing boutique in 2016. 

At the time, I was an unemployed single mom.  I needed to provide for my family but was determined to do something that brought me joy and let me be there for my kids whenever they needed me.   I stumbled across an opportunity and with not a whole lot of money in the bank and a whole lot of #notaquitter vibes in my heart, I started this business.  It's transitioned over the years and become so much more than I ever imagined! My sweet daughters are now adults and I am an empty nester and I still at it!

A few years ago, my amazing friend Melissa joined me and has been blowing my mind as our Boutique Manager.  She has been an angel in my life and we love working together! 

Nifty Apple is more than just a spot on the web to buy fun things.  We are a community that brings joy, provides friendships, keeps it real and gives people a place to go where they can just exhale from their days troubles and smile.  If you aren't already part of our FB group...join in! It's where lots of joy happens! 

If you are a new friend or old, I am glad you found me and I hope you stay awhile!