Top 5 Best Selling Face Masks from Nifty Apple

Top 5 Best Selling Face Masks

When the pandemic hit, it was a bit of a frenzy to try to find a face mask.  We needed one to go to work, school, the grocery store and well just about anywhere in public.  Chances are when all this started your first face mask was handmade by someone.  There just weren’t any available. 


I have years and years of sewing experience and my mom asked me if I could make her a mask.  Of course, anything for her!  I dusted off the sewing machine and just like I do with lots of things I do in life, I decided to go LIVE in my Nifty Apple Facebook groupand show the ladies what I was up to! Sewing has been a lifelong passion of mine and it had been awhile.   

On that first Facebook Live featuring my sewing, I started having more people ask me for Face Masks.  In the first couple of days after that LIVE I had nearly 100 Face Masks orders.  I made a spreadsheet and ordered more fabric and I sat behind that sewing machine for 4 months.    

As much as I love sewing, I just couldn't do it anymore. By the time I put the sewing machine away I had made well over 1000 Face Masks for just about everyone I had ever met in my life! People I went to Elementary School with, old co-workers, family I haven’t talked to in years, lots of local community members and of course tons of friends in the Nifty Apple Facebook group.    

I have since retired my sewing machine again.   

Thankfully many of my clothing vendors for the boutique started having face masks available for me to bring into the shop that I didn’t have to sew myself.  As much as I love sewing, I just couldn’t keep up with all aspects of my business and life and be able to make enough masks by myself.     

Today I want to share FIVE of our BEST SELLING Face Masks! We have over 100 varieties in stock for Men, Women and Kids! 

  1. Our Bling Face Mask! This has been without a doubt our biggest selling face mask.  The bling mask comes in 14 different colors.  Our friends that wear the Bling Mask report back that it is one of the most comfortable masks they have ever worn.  Also, this one fetches LOTS of compliments.  It’s bling...of course it does!! I wore the beige gold one today on a trip to our newly open Michaels store here in Laveen, AZ.  I felt cute, that’s for sure! 

  2. Our Blue Line American Flag Police Support Face Mask just arrived in the shop a couple weeks ago and it quickly became a best seller! Love the support for our Police! Blue Line Police Support Face Mask Masks
  3. Our Just Daisy Face Mask is so sweet and it’s been a big hit with the ladies! The strap is adjustable and it even has a nose wire to adjust it perfectly to your face. 
  4. Another newer one to the website but very popular already is our Embroidered Hedgehog Face Mask.  It’s just dang adorable!! This one has an adjustable ear strap and nose wire as well. Embroidered Embroidery Hedgehog Face Mask
  5. Stars! Stars in lots of colors!!  Our Collection of Star Face Masks are the super soft stretchy kind.  It’s pretty basic but very comfy and those stars are so fun! 
    Stars Soft Cotton Face Masks Mask

Love what you see? We have lots more masks in stock too!! I find great joy in locating the BEST Face Masks for a great price.  

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