Top 5 Graphic Tees for Fall!

Top 5 Graphic Tees for Fall!

It’s Fall and you know as it starts to cool off, it’s time to start layering!


Grab your favorite Judy Blue jeans, a cute flannel, your favorite sneakers and of course, a graphic tee to pull it all together!


Here are Nifty Apple’s 5 Top Selling Fall Graphic Tees:

      1 and 2. Coming in together, Thankful for Tacos Graphic Tee and Pies before Guys Graphic Tee.

Yep, we are grouping this one together. For the simple fact that this picture just makes me giggle!

The verdict is still out on this one.  

Are we going Team Taco with Melissa or Team Pie with Amy? 

In the attempt to always make everyone happy attitude, I vote both! Let's start with Tacos and finish it off with pies! And of course if it's from our favorite, Amadio Ranch, then you know the pie is guaranteed to be good! 



3. Get Ready for Fall Graphic Tee



This one is as cute as can be with the colorful graphic.  Love is good for all seasons, right? You can wear this one all #fall!

4.   Retro Thankful Graphic Tee

You can pick what color shirt you want for this one, but we are LOVING it on black! It really gives that pop of color and of course, reminds up to pause a little bit and be thankful. 

    5.   Fall Means Football Ya’ll Graphic Tee

Whether you like to watch it front of the TV, you have season tickets to your favorite team or you just enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Friday night High School football game.  This shirt shows your love for the game!

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